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Estate Planning

Estate Planning is the general term we use to reference a large variety of our services. During this process, we will help you make sure you have your affairs in order so that you and your loved ones feel comfortable knowing what will happen as you age and upon your death. We can draft wills and trusts, Powers of Attorney, and health care directives. We can also help you plan for long-term care.

Medical Assistance Planning

Medical Assistance is a benefit that provides health insurance to people with low income. Many older adults want or need to qualify for this program to pay for their long-term care. We can help you plan to qualify for this program or give other suggestions on how you will pay for long-term care.

Guardianship and Conservatorship

These tools may be needed for individuals that cannot care for themselves or their finances. We can discuss these options, as well as other less restrictive measures, for you or a loved one. We can also help you through the court process, from drafting the paperwork to contested matters


A trust is a document used to accomplish specific goals. We talk to you about whether a trust is necessary or not and then customize it to meet your goals. Trusts are commonly used to avoid probate, to avoid taxes, and to plan for minor children.


A Will is a legal document that states what you want to happen to your property upon your death. It can also include provisions regarding the care of your minor children. A will that isn’t prepared properly can lead to litigation after your death.

Estate Administration 

This is the process we go through after a loved one dies, which can include paperwork, Affidavits of Survivorship, Affidavits of Collection, Probate, Trust Administration, and even contested matters. 

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